About ABB

From power transmission lines crisscrossing the countryside to local service entrance connections to outlet boxes behind the wall and electrical conduit in the ceiling, our products help control the constant – and increasing – flow of power and data. We offer one of the broadest product lines in the industry, supplying over 70% of the items used in a typical electrical application – be it commercial, industrial or residential construction or equipment maintenance and repair or original equipment manufacturing. We also provide market-leading commercial heating and ventilation products.

New Products

ABB Jokab Safety Products

ABB Jokab Safety offers complete solutions to all manufacturing industries where machine safety has become an integral and value enhancing component. We have always adhered to the business concept of continuous development of innovative products and solutions exclusively for machine safety. ABB Jokab Safety has supplied everything from individual safety components, to safety PLC controlled custom processes, to complete machine safety systems. We engineer complete solutions for all types of manufacturing, processing, and automated production lines.

Thomas & Betts Carlon DraftTight Ceiling Box with Hangar Bar

The Carlon DraftTight® Box and Hanger Bar is a fan-rated, draft-tight ceiling box with an adjustable hanger bar. The vapor-barrier box is designed to meet the energy-efficiency requirements of modern homes. It features a drywall flange covered with a foam gasket and additional gaskets over the wire entry points. These gaskets provide a vapor-tight seal, preventing the free flow of air through the box.

Thomas & Betts Super-Duty Splice Plate for Cable Tray

The new ultra-robust Super-Duty Splice Plate™ allows cost-efficient expansion by reducing the need for structural supports. It can also be used for sturdy mid-span splicing. Engineers, end users and contractors benefit from significant cost reductions without sacrificing quality or structural integrity.

T&B Hazlux LED Industrial Fixtures

Safe, dependable, durable Hazlux® luminaires are now available with LED technology to offer longer life, enhanced energy efficiency, reduced maintenance, and a smaller footprint. Thomas & Betts Hazlux® luminaires are known as high quality industrial lighting fixtures designed, tested and certified for use in hazardous locations and adverse environment conditions. Specifiers rely on Hazlux® to safely provide light where it’s needed — even under the harshest indoor and outdoor conditions.

T&B Stainless Steel Conduit & Fittings

For corrosion-resistant electrical conduit systems, Thomas & Betts stainless steel offers value and
performance that’s hard to match, combining high corrosion, chemical and temperature resistance
with strength, durability, ease of installation and low maintenance. Compared to standard galvanized steel conduit in corrosive environments, Type 304 stainless steel offers up to five times the lifespan,
while Type 316 offers up to eight times the lifespan.

T&B Carlon Non-Metallic Expansion/Deflection Coupling

Use the new T&B Fittings Non-Metallic Expansion/Deflection Coupling to join two rigid PVC conduit Runs in applications requiring movement in any direction at structural joints. It provides a flexible connection, safely accommodating axial or parallel deflection of up to 3⁄4″ and angular deflection of up to 30° from relaxed position.

T&B Steel City Pre-fab Steel Boxes & Covers

eFab is the powerful, comprehensive rough-in solution that allows you to design and order Steel City® prefab assemblies online and have them delivered directly to the job site for fast installation. Choose from popular preconfigured combinations, or use our exclusive 3D eFab Configurator to design your assembly just the way you want it. Either way, eFab can help ensure a quality installation every time while greatly improving your cash flow.