About Leviton

Leviton Manufacturing is North America’s leading manufacturer of electrical wiring devices, data center connectivity solutions and lighting energy management systems. Founded at the turn of the 20th century, we’ve grown over the past 100 years to become the preeminent leader in our industry. Today our product portfolio consists of over 25,000 devices and systems used in homes, businesses and industry.

With our heritage of innovation, excellence and setting the pace of progress in our industry, we have a lot to be proud of: 90% of homes across North America use one or more devices we make. Builders, electrical contractors, homeowners, specifiers, architects and engineers rank our products # 1 in brand preference. And, our design patents consistently rate as having significant technological value and impact on other companies in our industry.

Today we’re poised for even greater success as we extend our presence across the globe. That’s because no matter where you’re situated around the globe, and no matter what your application environment or market focus, Leviton is the smart choice for today’s rapidly changing world.

New Products

Leviton Load Centers

Take power to new heights with the award-winning Leviton Load Center – the industry’s most intelligent circuit breaker system available today. It’s the smart solution that offers unparalleled management of your home’s electrical system.



Leviton Samsung SmartThings WiFi Control System

With the free SmartThings app and a Hub, you can turn any home into a smart home by adding connected smart devices including many Z-Wave and Lumina RF options from Leviton.  As needs change, easily customize SmartThings to work in new and different ways. Just set rules for what you’d like the smart devices to do while asleep, awake, gone, or back home, and SmartThings will do the rest.

Leviton SmartlockPro AFCI/GFCI Receptacle

The Leviton SmartlockPro AFCI/GFCI Receptacle offers an effective alternative to a Dual Function breaker and features the convenience of localized test and reset. It provides clear visual indication of status making it intuitive for users to assess various conditions such as power availability and GFCI self-test status. The device also distinguishes between a trip caused by a ground fault and a trip caused by an arc fault.

Leviton Lumina™ RF Decora® 0-10V Wall Switch Dimmer

Introducing the Lumina™ RF Decora® 0-10V Wall Switch Dimmer (ZSD07), a line-powered component of the Lumina RF Solutions product line. This device allows dimming of any 0-10V controlled load. Use as a standalone dimmer or part of the Lumina RF Eco-System. Lumina RF products ensure energy savings in new construction and retrofits and the Lumina Gateway functions as an energy management coordinator, allowing for wireless automated control of loads via remote control from a tablet or smartphone app.

Leviton Metered Power Distribution Units

Leviton Metered Power Distribution Units provide the reliable power distribution required for high-demand applications. The local LED display provides input current monitoring, giving on-site users the ability to monitor aggregate current draw as equipment is connected to each unit, preventing overload situations in high-density environments.

Leviton Decora® Digital Dimmer and Digital Switch with Bluetooth® Technology

The next generation of lighting control technology is here with the new Leviton Decora® Digital Dimmer and Digital Switch with Bluetooth® technology. These innovative devices work using the Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer App that can be easily downloaded to smartphones or tablets and paired to the Leviton Dimmer or Switch using Bluetooth technology.

Leviton 9864-LED Ceiling Occupancy Sensor

Leviton has expanded its line of Ceiling Lamp holders for closets and closed spaces to include this new LED Ceiling Occupancy Sensor model. With the phase-out of incandescent lamps, LED lighting is today’s energy-efficient alternative to incandescent fixtures as well as the popular alternative to CFL fixtures. Our new LED Ceiling Occupancy Sensor incorporates today’s most desired features and meets NFPA 70 and NEC Section 410.16, C (1 )requirements.

Leviton EZ-MAX Plus Wi-Fi Card

EZ-MAX® Plus Wi-Fi Cards provide wireless communication capabilities for remote access to EZ-MAX Plus Relay Control Panels. The convenient remote access allows for programming and scheduling either on-site or in the field via a PC, allowing building or facility managers to view and/or update an individual building or an entire campus’s schedule.

Leviton Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment

Evr-Green e30+ Line CardLeviton offers a complete solution for residential, commercial and public plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging: the Evr-Green® line of electrical vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and accessories. Our Evr-Green products are compliant with all industry standards and compatible with all major auto manufacturers’ electric vehicles (SAE J1772™ compliant).