About RONK

Ronk Electrical Industries commercial products target rural areas where three phase power isn’t available or cost prohibitive to obtain. Ronk has been the leader in many areas of electrical power, notably their phase converters, power factor correction capacitors and double throw switches.

New Products

Ronk Electric Phase Converters vs. VFDs for Motor Control

Phase Converters can operate multiple loads while VFD’S are generally limited to single load operation. Converters can also control motors not of similar HP ratings. Standard converters can run up to 5 motors at a time – either separately or simultaneously. Rotary Converters can run unlimited quantities of motors, operating at the same time, if sized properly. What are some of the other issues affecting which product to select?


Ronk Electrical Products Guide

American-made Ronk products are designed to increase efficiency, stabilize power usage, and let you walk away at night knowing that all systems are operating reliably. A quick glance at our standard product offerings demonstrates the many real-world challenges we have developed solutions for, and we are committed to keep finding ways to ensure constant productivity from existing power lines.